About us...

  *c h a i   b a r *  

*C H A I   b r e w e r y *

*c H A I   S u p p l i e r*

It all started back when I went to India... While preparing for my trip I began to drink this strange new hot beverage called "Chai." I found out that it was quite an ancient drink and  I would fall in love with it.
  When I returned from India I experimented and worked on my own mix. Finally after many variations I arrived at my perfect cup of Chai!
 I just made it at home and shared it with friends at gatherings, parties, and special occasions. Eventually word got out and people started requesting it and it all started from there. 
 Today we run a weekly Cafe at the historic Rochester Public market and offer a multitude of Classic and Vegan Chai's including dairy free and sugar free. We cater parties, business meetings, weddings and any special event. Many of our customers are Coffee shops who are tired of serving powdered or concentrated Chai with no flavor and no soul.
Chai is not just another beverage to us, it's our passion. It's not some "second class citizen" among other drinks...to us it's the guest of honor. We brew it with love, time, and passion. The difference is discovered with your very first sip. Home- made...slow brewed, and everything you've ever dreamed about in your Chai. We are here to serve you! Thanks for visiting us! 
Pat...The Chai Guy